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Vineet Yadav

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Vineet Yadav came to JPL in 2014 from the Carnegie Institution for Science at Stanford University. He has a Masters in GIS and Remote Sensing from the University of Cambridge (UK) and a PhD in Geography with a focus on Ecosystem and Agent based models from the University of Iowa. Vineet's current research interests are primarily in large scale inverse modeling and data assimilation, scientific cyberinfrastructure, computational linear algebra, geostatistics and understanding spatio-temporal variations in carbon fluxes at regional and global scales. Presently he is involved in developing real-time cyberinfrastructure for getting high resolution carbon dioxide fluxes and developing methods for statistically separating fossil fuel and biospheric carbon dioxide fluxes. This work has been supported by NASA and NSF, among others.


  • Carbon cycle science, data fusion


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