Joaquim Teixeira

Biographical Sketch

Joaquim Teixeira received a B.S. in Mathematics/Economics in 2017 from the University of California, Los Angeles. His current focus is on uncertainty quantification for remote sensing instruments, in particular the Orbiting Carbon Observator-2, and on spatial statistical modeling for applications in Earth science. His research interests further include machine learning, data visualization, and theoretical approaches for high dimensional uncertainty quantification.


  • Uncertainty quantification, OCO-2 data analysis

Selected Publications

Braverman, A., Hobbs, J., Teixeira, J., and Gunson, M. (2021). “Post hoc Uncertainty Quantification for Remote Sensing Observing Systems,” SIAM/ASA Jour. Uncert. Quantification. Accepted. Download (CL 21-0606).