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Hai M. Nguyen

Biographical Sketch

Hai Nguyen graduated in 2009 from University of California, Los Angeles, receiving a doctorate degree in Statistics and a bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics. Hai's areas of interest include spatial statistics, machine learning, and optimal estimation. Hai's current projects include developing data fusion methodology for combining data from different remote sensing instruments, and error characterization for ACOS and AIRS projects.



Nguyen, Hai, Katzfuss, Matthias, Cressie, Noel and Braverman, Amy (2014). “Spatio-Temporal Data Fusion for Very Large Remote Sensing Datasets,” Technometrics, 56(2), pp. 174-185. Download.

Nguyen, Hai, Cressie, Noel and Braverman, Amy (2012). “Spatial statistical data fusion for remote sensing applications,” Jour. American Statistical Association, 107, pp. 1004-1018.