Manju Johny

Biographical Sketch

Manju Johny received her PhD in Statistics from Iowa State University in 2021. She has a MS in Statistics from Iowa State University, and a BA in Chemistry and Mathematics from Saint Louis University. In her PhD dissertation, she developed ANOVA-type methods for functional data that facilitate comparisons among groups of time series with complex spatio-temporal dependence. Broadly, her research interests are in spatio-temporal modeling, machine learning, and visualization, with a desire to use statistics to better understand scientific phenomena. She has experience with data science and statistical applications in ecology, engineering, biological and environmental sciences.

Currently, Manju is a postdoctoral fellow, working with Jon Hobbs and Vineet Yadav to uncover relationships between atmospheric carbon dioxide and solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence (SIF), an indicator of photosynthetic activity, for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 mission and a NASA-sponsored MEaSUREs task.


  • Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 (OCO-2)
  • MEaSUREs CO2

Selected Publications

Shyam, Vikram, Friend, Lauren, Whiteaker, Brian, Bense, Nicholas, Dowdall, Jonathan, Boktor, Bishoy, Johny, Manju, Reyes, Isaias, Naser, Angeera, Sakhamuri, Nikhitha, Kravets, Victoria, Calvin, Alexandra, Gabus, Kaylee, Goodman, Delonte, Schilling, Herbert, Robinson, Calvin, Reid II, Robert Omar, and Unsworth, Colleen (2019). “PeTaL (Periodic Table of Life) and Physiomimetics,” Designs, 3(3). Download.

Vaziri, Grace J, Johny, Manju M, Caragea, PetruĊ£a C, and Adelman, James S (2018). “Social context affects thermoregulation but not activity level during avian immune response,” Behavioral Ecology, 30(2), pp. 383-392. Download.