Quoc Vu

Biographical Sketch

Quoc creates data management and visualization solutions for many ocean and hurricane related projects. Quoc has experience in the Google Earth and Google Map APIs. Quoc received his BS in computer science from California Polytechnic university, San Luis Opisbo, California in 1986.


  • Advanced Information Systems Technology (AIST) - Developing tools to manage the validation and assessment of model-data intercomparisons to more easily evaluate the performance of different hurricane models.
  • Salinity Processes in the Upper Ocean Regional Study (SPURS) is exploring the salinity maximum region in the Atlantic Ocean using a plethora of oceanographic equipment and technology.
  • Cal-Sim - CALSIM, developed by the Department of Water Resources, is a generalized water resources simulation model for evaluating operational alternatives of large, complex river basins.

Selected Publications

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